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Fornesa Customs and Services Agency

 Why do we trust AS FORNESA?

Since 1920 it has based its company philosophy on offering its clients the greatest possible volume of information and services.
ADUANAS Y SERVICIOS FORNESA, S.L. has made excellence, responsibility and efficiency its primary objective, offering a direct, personalised and high-quality service.
It is a company that specialises in the tasks of customs broker and freight forwarder on the border between Spain and the Principality of Andorra, being an indisputable leader in its sector.

Some of the services offered in customs clearance:



Permanent and/or temporary import and export, transits and re-imports.


AGRIM Import and AGREX Export Certificates.


Applying for and obtaining SOIVRE and HEALTH certificates.

 Some Customs Advisory Services


Spanish and Andorran customs legislation




Rules specific to the Principality of Andorra.



Information about fees and other taxes payable.



Review and request of the documents required for the import and export of goods


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