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At naGRUP we are aware that nowadays it is not enough to provide information on a regular basis, but that it is necessary for this information to be accessible in real time.

For this reason, we provide our clients with different systems to share the status of their current operations, as well as previous operations.

We provide a first level of information automatically to our clients via e-mail. Through messages containing key information, they can find out at any time how their operations have been carried out.

We also provide our clients with a personalised intranet through which they can check their current operations (and their status) and all the information on their previous operations. This intranet is equipped with secure communications that ensure that the information is only accessible by its legitimate recipients.

Finally, we can integrate our information systems with those of our clients through electronic data exchange (EDI). In this way we can transmit structured data information between different organisations with the agreed frequency so that clients can check the status of their operations through their own computer systems.

Whichever system or systems you choose, all your information will always be accessible to you.

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