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We make daily departures from Barcelona, Lleida, La Farga de Moles and Portet-sur-Garonne to our branch in the Principality of Andorra.

We negotiate the best rates and the best services for you with our collaborators, both in neighbouring countries and in the rest of Europe. We have 5 weekly departures from France to Italy.

Room Temperature Division

We offer transport services to meet all the needs of our clients in the Dry Food, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Textile and Electronic sectors.

Controlled Temperature Division

We are specialised in the transport of Food.
We control the cold chain of refrigerated and frozen goods through our facilities equipped with bi-temperature pre-chambers, chambers and vehicles.

› Distribution

We offer a messenger service for parcels and pallets, for room temperature and controlled temperature, throughout Catalonia and with daily routes to Andorra.

› Split Loads

Distribution services for small and/or complex orders, pick-ups sorted by our clients, reverse logistics, incident management, control and recovery of containers and pallets, management of reimbursements.

› Full Loads

National services as well as import and export throughout Europe for industrial goods at room temperature or controlled temperature.

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