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Useful information on Transportation and Logistics

You can consult our modes of transport in Land Transport

In order to provide a transport quote we need to know the merchandise pickup and destination zip code, number of packages and their corresponding measurements, weight, invoice value and payment conditions.

They are a set of international rules regulated by the International Chamber of Commerce that determine the scope of the commerce clauses included in the international trade contract.
Incoterms are also called price clauses, since each term allows to determine the elements that compose it.

There are a few types of INCOTERMS that determine the obligations between buyers and sellers. The most common conditions for the transportation of goods are:
DAP: Delivered at Place. Indicates that the seller delivers the goods and assumes all the risk until the goods are made available for the buyer. When the goods are ready to be unloaded from the means of transport in the agreed location, the risk passes on to the buyer. The buyer assumes the risk of taking the goods to the final destination.
DDP: Delivered Duty Paid. Indicates that the seller delivers the goods and assumes all the risk until the goods are made available for the buyer. When the goods are ready to be shipped for import in the means of transport prepared to be unloaded in the agreed location, the risk passes on to the buyer. The seller takes all the risks of taking the goods to their destination and must ship the merchandise both for import and export, as well as doing all the corresponding customs procedures.
EXW: Ex Works. Indicates that the seller is only required to make the goods available for pickup at the seller's business location or another specified location. The buyer assumes all the risk from there to the destination. Under Ex Works conditions, the seller makes the goods available for the buyer at his own business locations, but is not required to load the goods into the vehicle that is picking up the merchandise, nor will the seller ship the goods for export.

Our technology allows you to monitor the status of your shipments in real time, at all times. You can also view your shipment records in our Clients Area 

In naGRUP we transport all types of goods, except for those subject to the A.D.R agreement.

You can do it directly using our contact form and our team will contact you shortly. You can also send us your request by e-mail to hola@nagrup.com

In naGRUP we offer the whole management of the customs procedures together with the transportation services, so that you don’t need to do any other procedure. This way, we guarantee that the documentation is correct, which allows a more dynamic transportation when it comes to export and import. If you want to learn more about our customs service you can view this section: Customs Management

Pickup points

It’s a service we offer in naGRUP that allows you to pick up your online purchases at our platforms located in Lleida and La Farga de Moles.

Yes, you just have to write as point of delivery the address in La Farga de Moles (WRITE address or link), in your online purchase.

In La Farga de Moles you can pick up your orders from any online store in our business hours between 09h and 18h.
In Lleida and La Farga de Moles we are IKEA’s exclusive pickup point.

When you place an order in the IKEA website, you must select your preferred pickup point from the delivery options proposed by the website. The transportation cost for IKEA’s exclusive delivery points is 9€ for the totality of each purchase you make.

Siempre será necesaria hacer una declaración verbal, acompañada de una factura detallada de la mercancía en la Aduana Andorrana. En caso de querer realizar un Tax Free del IVA, toda mercancía inferior o igual a 300€ queda exenta de pagar IGI.
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