naGRUP we help with the procedure for the customs management

Consulting services in international trade

We make sure our clients receive the right advice on the international trade of goods.

Customs procedure

When your goods cross the borders, we take care of the whole procedure and documentation you need to speed up the transportation of your merchandise.
We have a Centralized Office which allows us to do shipments in any customs point within the European Community.
We have all the guarantees accredited by the OEA certification.

Customs services

  • Temporary or definitive imports and exports, Traffic and Re-importation.
  • AGRIM import certificate and AGREX export certificate.
  • Process and obtainment of the SOIVRE and Sanitation certificates.
  • Authorization for storage under customs supervision, MADT, in all our warehouses.
  • Ships and vehicles dispatch.
  • Processing of authorizations and certificates.

Customs advice

  • Request and revision of the necessary documents for the import and export of goods.
  • Tax representation.
  • Customs procedure.
  • Duties and taxes.
  • Customs legislation in general.
  • Principality of Andorra’s specific regulations.

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