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A team of around thirty people will assist you at our integrated operations centres located in the Toulouse area and in the Eastern Pyrenees.

We offer you a comprehensive service in our five areas of activity. A dedicated freight transport service to the Principality of Andorra, a full load service, an overseas service (sea and air), a customs service and finally a logistics and e-commerce service.

naGRUP Portet Sur Garonne

22 Avenue de la Saudrune P.A.du
Bois Vert 31128 – Portet sur Garonne
+33 05 62 11 72 72

naGRUP Castelnau d'Estretefonds

23 Avenue Saint Guillan
EUROCENTRE 31620 – Castelnau d’Estretefonds
+34 05 61 37 93 40

naGRUP Porta

RN 22
+34 05 61 04 69 26

naGRUP Portet Sur Garonne

naGRUP Castelnau d'Estretefonds

N22, Porta, Francia

Andorra Service

Daily departures to Andorra of courier services, groupage and full loads, at room temperature, refrigerated and frozen.

Distribution from A for A.

Global management of your orders from supplier to customer.

Full loads

Pick-up and distribution of your goods throughout the country.

Full or semi-full load with all types of vehicles.

Transport to Italy

We have 5 of our own lorries available every week for courier services, partial or complete batches.

Transport to the Iberian Peninsula

Distribution in Catalonia with the naGRUP Hispania network of partial or complete batches.

International transport

We have a network of correspondents that enables us to cover the European continent and provide international services.


We have a worldwide presence thanks to a network of agents located in the world’s main port and airport areas.

We have a partnership with shipping and airline companies in order to offer you negotiated rates and reliable deadlines.

In addition, we offer advice on Incoterms and international trade.

Logistics and eCommerce

naGRUP offers you comprehensive logistics services: reception of goods, storage and integration of stocks, preparation of orders and shipment of orders.

With new technologies, we inform you in real time about the status of your shipments and guarantee our clients full IT connection.

Our sectors of activity include textile, food, perfumery, parapharmacy, and industrial.

We have a personalised call centre, the possibility of transmitting EDI files, picking orders, complete and unitary packages; we carry out packing, cross-docking and tracking, management of stocks and inventories, and logistics in refrigerated products.

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